Rules for tournaments under DKBBO / Danes & Friends

We play a competitive tournament, and we all play to win. But friendliness and fairness is even more important in our tournaments. No cheating, no rude behaviour and no runners. Please allow your partner and your opponents to have a nice time aswell. 

We, as tournament directors, will try to be very tolerant about things that takes place in the heat of the fight, but we also expect you as players to be the same. 

"Even if they play like idiots, don't show your cards - keep it secret to them" wink


Membership for foreign players

This is mainly a club for Danish players - a place to socialize and meet fellow countrymen who plays bridge. If you are not Danish, you will have to ask one of the Tournament Directors to put you on the friends list, before you can join our tourney. Firstly, we have special rules for behaviour and atmosphere, and therefor we have to be able to have some kind of control with our participants. Secondly, we can only manage a certain amount of players. Thirdly, we allow our players and hosts to speak Danish, so naturally it's better if you are familiar with the language.

Scandinavian players can apply for membership simply by writing one of the hosts. Non-Scandinavian players can be invited by an excisting member, but we prefer if the partner is Scandinavian - so that at least one of you will be able to understand Danish. Therefor, please ask your partner to write one of the hosts, and ask for membership on your behalf.

Sometimes it is necessary for you to log out and log back in on BBO after you have been added to the friends list. Therefor, please apply for membership at least 10 minutes before start of tournament.




Undo is no longer allowed. Be careful before you bid and before you  play a card.

Undo is allowed as long as it's clear that the bid made or the card played was an obvious mistake / misclick, and if the request is made immediately after. Declarer is always allowed an undo as long as the opponent to the left hasn't played a card yet. 

Mistakes happens more often at BBO than at the real table, so please be tolerant and allow your opponents to undo whatever mistake made by the mouse. 

Naturally, you don't ask for undo just because you have changed your mind. Only ask for undo when the mistake was made by the mouse, not by yourself.

if your partner has been allowed an undo, be most careful not to use any information given from the mistake.



Time limit is 7 minutes pr. board, and ususally we play 3 boards pr. round. Please don't waste too much time. If your opponents are slow at bidding or playing, you may call one of the TD's, so we can observe if we need to adjust the score if time runs out, or if we have to replace the player.

If your score has been set to average because time was up, you may call the TD directly and ask for an adjusted score. We will do our best to give a fair result.

If you lose connection to BBO, we will give you a chance to get back. After a while we might have to substitute you with another player. If you return and your seat is taken, we can kindly ask the player to let you have your seat back, but we have to treat our subsitutes well, so we won't just kick them out.



We urge all Danish and Scandinavian players to speak in English if any non-Scanidinavian players are present at the table. If however you should feel ignored as a foreigner, please call TD in private, and we will kindly ask the other players to remember this rule.


Bidding systems

All systems are allowed, but ALL artificial bids must be alerted. Please announce system and carding before game starts. Otherwise it is assumed that you play SAYC + UDCA.

Any bid is regarded as conventional when it is:

Also alert Stayman 2♣, transfers, Michaels etc. But with commonly known conventions like these, you don't have to type the explanation, just press the Alert button before bidding, so opponents are aware and can ask you if they wish to. 

If your bid gives partner more information than it gives the opponents (for example a certain pointrange, an extra suit or a certain length in a suit), you should also alert. Doubles and Redoubles with special meanings should be alerted aswell (apart from take-out doubles and penalty doubles).

If your 1NT opening doesn't show a balanced hand with 15-17 HCP (2NT 20-21), or if it might contain a 5 card major, also please alert.


Bluff and psyke bids are allowed, but we urge you not to make use of them, unless your opponents are aware that you might bid this way. And we will be very observant of your alert, bidding and play if TD is called to the table for this reason. We might adjust the score if we find that the bidding hasn't been strictly ethical.

Please keep in mind that this is a social club with players on many levels, and there should not be any reason to bluff your way to victory.


TD calls

Please try to sort things out at the table and try to be tolerant. We have players on many levels, and players who might not be as familiar with BBO or with bridge as you are.

If you need help or an impartial decision to be made - do call the TD. We will do our best.